we are balance, we are yın yang team!

Yin Yang Games

Yin Yang Games is an Istanbul-based game studio.

Our Games

Our Games
  • Reincarnation Game

    Reincarnation Game

    Get ready for an epic adventure in Reincarnation, the medieval/fantasy-themed rogue-like, turn-based RPG card game. Build your unique deck, battle foes, gather resources, and upgrade gear. With MMO-style character development, choose a class, level up, equip weapons and armor, and pick a profession. Devise your attack or defense strategies to defeat monsters and gain rewards and power as you travel across the map. Join the action-packed world of Reincarnation today!

Our Squad

Gökçen Sular

Technical Lead

Atalay Kalem

Art Director

Yasin Yiğit

Talent & Operations Manager

Alperen Kırcanoğulları

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Emre Bozkurt

Game Designer

Emrullah Cengiz

Back-End Game Developer

Mert İshak Kılıç

Game Developer

Batuhan Ersoy

Game Designer

Cemali Doğan

Concept Artist

Ledeyna Deniz Kolgu

Concept Artist

Nisa Nur Yılmaz

Game Designer

Alper Çetin

3D Artist

Berfin İlayda Aydınlı

Project Manager

Ayberk Özden


Şevval Can

UI/UX Illustrator

Kıvanç Nadir


Ebru Kaplan

Game Developer

Ceren Akyüz

3D Artist

We Are Balance, We Are
Yin Yang Team!