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Yin Yang Games

Yin Yang Games is a game studio that produces experience-based games for corporate brands.

Services & Products

Services & Products
  • SuperApp Game Hub

    SuperApp Game Hub

    User acquisition and session time increasing game-hub development for mobile applications of corporate brands.

  • Concept Games

    Concept Games

    We develop games with mascots, icons etc. of corporate brands and create a unique experience for their customers.

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  • Interactive Chatbot Games

    Interactive Chatbot Games

    While providing a unique experience to the customers of brands with preference-based chatbot games, we analyze the preferences of the users and prepare an experimental data set for the brand.

  • AR / VR Games

    AR / VR Games

    With the augmented reality characters we place on billboards and campuses, we provide a different experience to the customers and employees of brands, and we provide a location-based data set for brands to track customers and employees.

The Right Price For You

SuperApp Game Hub

Game-hub development for mobile applications of corporate brands.

  • UI & UX Design
  • Development
  • Test & Integration
  • Maintenance & Update
  • Management
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Concept Games

Development of games with mascots, icons etc. of corporate brands.

  • Game Design
  • Modeling Character
  • Unique Environment
  • Development
  • Test & Publish
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Chatbot Games

Preference-based chatbot games that analyzes the preferences of the users.

  • 1 Unique Story
  • Gamification
  • Visualization
  • Development
  • Test & Integration
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We Have a Smart Team

Sara Saber

Sr. Game Developer

Batuhan Ersoy

Game Developer

Alper Çetin

Graphic Designer

Alperen Kırcanoğulları

Project Manager

İlker Onur Kaya


We Are Balance, We Are
Yin Yang Team!